Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III (Battle Damaged) Sideshow Exclusive MMS110 - part ii

Mini Muggs Trio are back this weekend! Cheers to Hari Raya Puasa! Tomorrow is a public holiday and they are so loving it. Now a part ii review of the Iron Man Mark III Battle Damaged they just got from eBay!

Check out part i if you have missed it earlier.

Warning: Once again, as this is a used piece picked up at eBay, please bare with the pink belly and pink underwear syndrome.

Iron Man: Hello there Iron Man fans! Bring to you part ii of the hot toys Iron Man Mark III Battle Damaged Version from the Sideshow Exclusive special. Check out part i if you have missed it. 

Cotton (the Lionhead Rabbit): Move aside all, today I am taking over the review. Finally busted out of my cage, mwahahaha!
Iron Man: What the f*ck is this thing?
Silver Centurion: Is that a Rabbee?
Iron Monger: I'm so STARTLED...

Iron Man: It must be a rabbot!
Silver Centurion: I'm so STARTLED too...
Iron Man: Let's stop moving, maybe he will move along.

Here I go~
Cotton: All lit up and ready to go. This Mark III is highly detailed and movie realistic. You can see the beautiful colors and also the battle scarring nicely done on the armor.

Cotton: The Mark III is identical to Mark II for the torso and belly structure. It does not come with the extended belly which Mark VI does, but still highly pose-able.

Cotton: Biceps are very bulky, identical to Mark II. The Mark III is the very last version for this bulky biceps, though that the biceps are not very proportional to the body and arms. Mark IV onwards you can see proportional biceps and also details are more mechanical and realistic.

Cotton:  So, I guess you are now a butterfly huh, Iron Man Mark III?! hot toys made this air flaps in such great details you cannot resist taking more close up shots.

Cotton: I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky. I want to sleep late every night and day, in my dreams I fly away.

Cotton: Air brakes deployed, hot toys made it so accurately you might want to be careful not getting electrocuted by the colorful wires.

Cotton: Fully weaponized while in battle with Iron Monger up at Stark Industries roof top, the Mark III was badly damaged as you can see here. Torso crushed, face shield suffered damage.

Cotton: Retractable counter-measures where Tony Stark deployed heat flares when chased by heat sensing missiles fired by the fighter planes. It also help him to break ice build up went flying further away from the earth's atmosphere. hot toys never miss any details.

Cotton: Highly detailed Robert Downey Jr. head sculpt. Great artists from hot toys. Check out the facial blood trickling down Tony's face.

Cotton: This masterpiece Iron Man Mark III Battle Damaged by hot toys is indeed worth every penny spent. The pink belly, pink underwear issue, can be solved by a method tried and proven (

This is definitely a piece you do not want to miss, as it will be great fighting scene re-enact when the hot toys Iron Monger arrives in October 2012.

Cotton: Until then, stay tune to more reviews coming up. Hope you've enjoyed the pictures! Bye now, I'm off to cuddle with the Mini Muggs trio, tata~

Iron Man: He is f*cking next to me, I'm so STARTLED...
Silver Centurion: Don't you dare move...
Iron Monger: He kind of... looks like a lion... check out his mane... I'm so STARTLED...