Thursday, August 30, 2012

the AVENGERS 3D [marvel] BLU-RAY 3D + BLU-RAY

Remember we did a review previously on Mark VII suitcase? //////// Avengers Iron Man by hot toys?

The screenshots were taken off and we said we will get the Avengers Blu-Ray when it is out? NO! We did not just got the Blu-Ray, we got the 2-disc combo which includes 3D HD movie and non 3D HD movie with never seen before deleted scenes!

After posting at hot toys facebook page, questioning what is the 'pod' 'suitcase' 'sarcophagus' 'oval tube like thing' 'big bullet' 'capsule' 'rocket' 'whatever' flew out of Tony Stark's apartment, it sparks many creative response from hot toys fans.
No response from hot toys though. Money saved.

We especially favors answer from Fabio Murillo: why doesn't hulk come with an anger management therapist???

Comes with a poster tube, will there be a Avengers poster in it? Stay tune.

Very shiny quality box to melt your heart away.

Sigh on the Plain Jane discs... Should have printed scenes of the show on it or holographic characters poping of the 3D Blu-Ray... not going to happen.

Now let's open up the tube to see what's waiting for us inside.

It's pretty long and perhaps IF THERE IS poster in it, it will definitely be well protected against all elements.

We've checked thoroughly, NO POSTER. Inside is just full of nothingness.

YES, doubled checked, still full of nothingness.

Well, at least we have Tony Stark giving you a high five with a blast.

Stay tune for screenshots on deleted scene and also better resolution screenshots on the 'pod' scene!

look here if you have missed the previous preview: