Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mark VII suitcase? Avengers Iron Man by hot toys

Is that a suitcase flying out of Tony Stark's apartment during the scene with Loki? Or simply just the shrink version of the Mark VII suit? It baffles me as well as many others. Let's take a closer look at the scene.

Before we begin, I would like to emphasize the pictures were taken off screenshots from youtube.com and I have no rights or ownership of the video. The video looks pretty... *ahem*... to me... But hell... Avengers Blu-ray nor DVD is yet to be available, thus I can only use the screenshots from youtube.com as of now.

I would like to emphasize on buying originals, support creators, always say NO to piracy.

Iron Man: First and foremost, you can see here, we have original DVDs on Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Both of these DVDs are picked up from HMV store in SG Singapore. Once Avengers is out, we will definitely and without any hesitation in suiting up, flying in top speed to reach the store and buy the original Blu-ray once it is available.

Iron Monger: So until then, we can only use screenshots from youtube.com as of now. You can see here, after Loki pushes Tony Stark out of his apartment through the window glass, this 'suitcase' or perhaps shrinked version of the Mark VII came flying into scene.
Iron Monger: Out through the window, chasing after Tony Stark. Making sure he has his armor on, anytime, anywhere.

Iron Monger: Here you can see that this kind of looks like a suitcase to me, myself and own opinion. You can always beg to differ, you brain is yours. It opens up like the Mark V suitcase and suits up Tony Stark pretty likewise.

Iron Man: Opening up to expose the silver shoulder parts.

Iron Man: Shoots out what appears to be Infra Red beams to synchronize with the Colantotte Magtitan NEO Legend handband.

Iron Man: Captures reading and synchronizing.

Iron Man: The what appears to be 'suitcase' opens when it closes up with me.

Iron Mark: Pretty impressive on how it looks similar to the suitcase has to offer in Mark V.

 (Picture courtesy of www.toyark.com)

(Picture courtesy of www.sideshowtoys.com)

Iron Man: As you can see, there is no 'suitcase' or whatsoever included in the Avengers Mark VII Iron Man by hot toys. Was it meant to be a suitcase? Or not? Let us keep wondering... ...

Keep wondering... ...