Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III (Battle Damaged) Sideshow Exclusive MMS110 - part i

Mini Muggs Trio are here once again late in the evening! They cannot wait any moment longer to have a quick preview of the Iron Man Mark III Battle Damaged they just got from eBay!

They can't wait to have a short preview, this will be a short review, just few pictures to keep them going. A part ii of this review shall come shortly during this weekend.

Warning: As this is a used piece picked up at eBay, please bare with the pink belly and pink underwear syndrome.

Iron Man: Hey fellows! The Iron Man Mark III Battle Damaged version by hot toys! Comes with the original brown shipping packing, lovely. Let's start the ball rolling!

Iron Man: Beautiful packaging comparing these to the new Mark V and Mark VI. How we wish hot toys continued with these awesome boxes.
Iron Monger: Smells good too.
Silver Centurion: Fresh from the brown shipping box.

 Iron Man: This is the back view of the first layer packaging. Such details and description.

Cheers to Silver Centurion and Iron Monger for weight lifting the first layer, hold it there.
Iron Man: See how the second layer shows the Arc Reactor (it actually reflects nicely to lighting). Great preview of the Iron Man inner chest piece.

Iron Man: The back view of second layer packaging. Shows you how much features the Mark III Battle Damaged has, and the weaponry details are awesome.

Iron Man: Beautiful and worthy packaging for what hot toys can offer. Two window views with clear description of the Mark III at the spine of the box.

Iron Man: The sideshow exclusive version gives you the Battle Damaged head piece. Great piece to showcase.

Iron Man: hot toys has done it again, see the good looking me staring right into your Arc Reactor.

 Iron Man: Simply gorgeous and highly detailed Battle Damaged head piece.

Iron Man: This stand is so realistic you thought the 'glass' is going to shatter anytime. It is a great piece which features the fighting scene by Iron Man Mark III and Iron Monger at the roof top of Stark Industries.

Iron Man: LOL! Pink belly belly pink, belly belly pink belly.

Iron Man: Great detail and kudos to hot toys for making this realistic inner suit.

Iron Man: Check out how bulk and build my biceps are. Come kiss them.

Iron Man: Very bright eyes, not very bright Arc Reactor. Must be too much flying around, might be the icy weather high up in the atmosphere, might it be I have used up too much energy to cook the barbecue this morning?

(As it is a used piece from eBay, we'll try to change out the batteries to see if it brightens up the AR.)

Iron Man: I wished I had more time to spare, just reviewing the non Battle Damage part of Mark III for now. Hope you have enjoyed so far, I will be posting Part II of this review very soon.

Weekend... Why you no come quicker...
Until next time, come back for more on Part II of the Iron Man Mark III Battle Damaged review!

Bye now!