Sunday, February 17, 2013

restoration - Hot Toys Mark III Battle Damaged - Part iii (final)

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from Part i of the Mark III restoration.

Listening to fellow restorers online, many go on to the journey of stripping down the original paintwork and adding gloss coating. We personally find that the color is still that bit off the main color scheme of the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III.

Many success stories and advices has lead me to trying out the Tamiya acrylic paint Clear Red X-27 and no further glossy paint to be added. I found that it has restored the MK III to *95% original color of what Hot Toys originally presents to us.

*by saying 95%, I'm just judging with my naked eyes. No special equipment has been used. Just to disclaim before I get flame.

Once again, the previous part ii gloss has been stripped to allow even spread of the new coat of X-27 Clear Red. The following pictures show the before paint on.

Final product after two days job. The pictures are shot in very bright light and high ISO thus you may find the Clear Red to be not as close colored to the original Hot Toys MK III red. But stay tune for more.

Thank you for staying tuned!
This is the true color which our naked eyes are viewing the Mark III. The original color is actually dull red rather than the previous pictures showing almost close to Mark IV red.

We would say that the X-27 Clear Red actually does a very good job!
In real life, we actually cannot differentiate the re-paint tummy and underwear Clear Red with the original Hot Toys dull red.

The camera is not doing the restoration justice, all are welcome to my house to see the real deal.
You might be surprised how close the color hue and saturation are now, we are so delighted with your advices to use the X-27 and that shall conclude the restoration for the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III and off to display it shall be!

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