Friday, December 28, 2012

The Avengers Black Sabbath Tony Stark - MC Toys

For a reasonable amount tagged at S$35.00, we have got the MC Toys version of The Avengers movie accurate Tony Stark Black Sabbath Set. MC Toys, also known as Magic Cube Toys in full, makes absolutely gorgeous movie accurate accessories. The only drawback here is that MC Toys do not offer the pair of Colantotte Neo Titanium wristbands which Asmus Toys included.

The good about the MC Toys is that the Black Sabbath t-shirt and dark grey long sleeved t-shirt are two separate pieces, as compared to the 'sewed together' one piece which Asmus Toys offers. MC Toys also included accurate men's dark jean and we think the MC Toys pampa boots matches up better than the working leather shoes by Asmus Toys.

Pairing up with Truetype Narrow Shoulder body with the headpiece from Mark IV which comes in the suit-up gantry set, certainly makes this art piece comes alive.