Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Mark II Armor Unleashed HOLOGRAPHIC FOREARM GAUNTLET

The Holographic Forearm Gauntlet which comes with the Hot Toys Mark II Armor Unleashed Version. I have previously reviewed this under the main review on Hot Toys Mark II Armor Unleashed Version, click here if you have missed it.

Since I have the Truetype body and also the inner long sleeve shirt and rest of the apparels from MC Toys, I removed the Black Sabbath T-shirt for this photo session. I was looking forward for some impressive pictures which Hot Toys promised.

I guess it is either my lousy photography skills, or lack of lighting, or Hot Toys have great photoshoppers, I can't seem to take as nice pictures as the one they used for enticing us. Moreover, if the Holographic Gauntlet comes luminous, that will definitely make the pictures speak a thousand words. Nonetheless, here goes some mediocre pictures to share.