Thursday, January 3, 2013

PREVIEW Hot Toys - Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor

It deeply saddens us when we write a preview. Hot Toys is open for pre-order to complete the 1/6th scale Hall of Armor Collectible from the Iron Man 2 movie from the Diorama Series. This scene allows the displaying of all Tony Stark armors in the basement workshop at his beautiful Malibu sea view house.

This pre-order actually came out a few days already, and we have been pondering so hard with sleepless nights whether to have these or not. Since Mark I should be shooting out fire from the arm, Mark II should be unleashed, Mark III to be fighting with Iron Monger, Mark IV to be suiting up at the suit up gantry, Mark V to be whipped, Mark VI to be standing ground with War Machine, and Mark VII will be flying, there is really no reason why they need to be stored away.

We happen to be lucky enough to pop by a friend's top floor penthouse along Tanjong Rhu. Spectacular 360° open sky view and indeed it is good to be rich. While asking our friend how he feel when he can have the beautiful unblocked view towards Marina Bay Sands, Kallang River, the reply was after awhile, it just look like a piece of very big picture.

Having said, we have the same feeling about the Hall of Armor. After awhile, it just looks like a lifeless picture in the end. That is why we said it deeply saddens us when we write a preview, we feel that writing a preview would mean we may have low chance of going for these beautiful pieces during the pre-order.

We feel that since Hot Toys are making 1/6th scale figures that articulates so well, the armors should be posed, rather than standing like a statue.

We cannot find any reason to buy these cages to do the armors injustice. Perhaps just getting one, just one, as it is definitely a great piece not to be missed. Good thing Hot Toys are packaging them as one, four and seven individual or sets.

Est. Ship Date: May 2013

Additional information taken directly from sideshowcollectibles

Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor 1/6th scale Collectible

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Hall of Armor Collectible from the Iron Man 2 movie from the Diorama Series, where Tony Stark displays his armors in his basement workshop in the house. The movie-accurate Hall of Armor is highly-detailed and has LED light-up functions, which is suitable for displaying the Hot Toys 1/6th scale Iron Man Collectible Figurine Series, so that you can easily create your own Tony Stark’s workshop in 1/6th scale!

The Hall of Armor Sixth Scale Figure Environment features:

  • Authentic and highly detailed Hall of Armor
  • Approximately 13.5 inches H x 9 inches W x 6.75 inches D
  • LED light-up functions
  • Suitable for all Hot Toys Sixth Scale Iron Man Collectible Figure Series (Figures Not Included)
  • Transparent acrylic plate with holographic style stickers
  • Includes Seven (7) Stickers, One (1) Each Mark I - VII
  • Each Hall of Armor can be combined with additional pieces to create the diorama settinh
  • Three AAA Batteries are required (Not Included)
  • AC/DC compatible (Adapter NOT Included)
License: Marvel

Product Type: Sixth Scale Figure Environment

Product Size: 13.5" H (342.9mm) x 9.0" W (228.6mm) x 6.75" D (171.45mm)

Dimensional Weight (DIM): TBD

Int'l Dimensional Weight (DIM): TBD

Manufactured by: Hot Toys