Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Mark II (Armor Unleashed) SPECIAL EDITION MMS150

Happy 47th National Day Singapore! To celebrate the nationwide festival, we are ready to have a review of the Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Mark II Limited Edition Armor Unleashed version. On top of that, this is the Special Edition which comes with the holographic forearm gauntlet where Tony Stark first came back to his home and begin designing and building since after escaping in the Mark I from the terrorist cave.

This is where it all begins...

Iron Monger: Let's take a look at... ... (Iron Man: Hey, stop!)
Silver Centurion: What's up Tony, why you... ... (Iron Man: Shhhsh!)
Iron Man: Today, I will be the only one commenting. Remember our last two reviews on Suit-Up Gantry with Mark IV and Mark VI?

Iron Monger/ Silver Centurion: Ya? Why the shhhsh stop shsshh?
Iron Man: Remember we have feedback from our friend Mr Shorty Papa and Mr Attitude Problemo? Saying we are very free, we can talk and talk and talk to each other in the reviews? So this time, more pictures less yada yada!

Iron Man: Showing first is the very lifelike Rhode.

Iron Man: The exact same LED light stand.

Iron Man:  The arm with holographic forearm gauntlet. This arm fits true type bodies.

Iron Man: There we are, star of the show.

Iron Man: More lighting to enhance the armor shining right into your soul. This shows the thigh armor remove to make it 100% armor unleashed.

Iron Man: hot toys nailed it again and once again, easy home run. Kudos to the details, quality of make is fantastic.

Iron Man: Wonderful colors, hot toys made the Mark II Armor Unleashed so close to the real deal.

Iron Man: Air flaps deployed, without the air brakes attached, yet.

Iron Man: When I see these following details, I literally go deep into trance of spiritual orgasm. What's seen cannot be unseen. I will now have higher hopes for deeper details and my demands for quality by hot toys will be ever soaring. 

Iron Man: Even the springs look so real I can almost eat them.

Iron Man: Life likeness to Don Cheadle, Rhode.

Iron Man: Bicep armors fits snugly.

Iron Man: The chest armor looks fantastic, it fits accurately and exactly snaps in easily.

Iron Man: Thigh armor attached. These two armors are the hardest to take off, be easy when you handle it. You do not want to break the four fairly thin points of attachment that holds it to the thigh.
The whole lower leg is detached and replaced with this fully armored version.

Iron Man: Missed my comments? No? WHO CARES? I'm talking anyway. Air brakes attached, careful when attaching these things. The shoulder portion, which the air brakes goes in, is VERY flimsy. Sound like it might break anytime during attaching of the air brakes, thus use your thumb to press it tightly when attaching.

Iron Man: I am extremely amazed that hot toys include such details even in the fully armor lower legs. Once again, beautifully sculpted to perfection.

Iron Man: Flame on!

Iron Man: I am so astonished that even the feet lights up. Only the unleashed lower legs. This is the exact same leg as the Mech Test version Iron Man.

Iron Man: Some call this operating table, some call it surgical table. I call it, love table.

Iron Man: Fully unleashed.

Iron Man: Internal part of the helmet looks fantastically made. Such details...

Hope you've enjoyed this pictureful and talkless session. Tata! and we'll be back soon for more reviews!