Sunday, February 3, 2013

ZY Toys - Iron Man OBADIAH STANE in Black Business Suit

Since we have the the Hot Toys Iron Man IRON MONGER MMS164, the next plan is to customize using the MMS164 Obadiah Stane head sculpt with 1/6th scale TTM custom body.

The main apparel came from the 1/6th scale shopping mall call eBay, since ZY Toys is widely carried and sold by different blogshops as well, we decided to go for eBay as a reliable source.

The ZY Toys Black Business Suit comes with one Black Coat, one pair of Black Pants, one White Shirt and finally a Black Tie.

Since it doesn't come with any leather shoes, once again we revisited the 1/6th scale shopping mall, and selected the most suitable and well designed custom black leather shoes to go with this custom Obadiah Stane formal Black Business Suit figure.

Last but not least, if you noticed the cigar, it was self custom made from brown card board with a little flame to mimic the burnt end of the cigar.