Sunday, December 16, 2012

restoration - Hot Toys Mark III Battle Damaged - Part ii

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from Part i of the Mark III restoration.

After the failure of using the Tamiya X-7 red in restoration part i, I have once again stripped off the paint and listen to the forums. To either add clear red or just a clear code to restore the pink panties problem signature problem on Hot Toys Iron Man series.

This time, I'm just using what I already have, the X22 Clear gloss coat. It works find on the panties, but I find the pink tummy still appear pinkish.

You will see that without the Clear code, the red looks pretty dull after stripping down all colors. Thus gloss is a must, be it you use a paint like X-22 or even gloss spray which you can easily find in your neighbourhood friendly hobby shop.

First look is fine, the pink panties effect is gone, tummy is still pinkish.

With highlighting, the panties are pretty much restored to its original state.

Somewhat satisfactory, in my opinion. Less pinkish on tummy, probably 95% restore on panties.

Conclusion, do not try to paint it down as it just seems not possible to get exactly the same color as the original hot toys iron man red. Just strip any remaining original paint that made the panties pink, gloss it, give some touch up on highlighting, and wait for the magic of restoration.

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